I’ve decided that this page is a little unused as it was so I’ll put in some helpful programs / tools that are available for people to download. We have tested them and the time of posting these links they are safe. However we provide no Liability,Warranty & Support for any problems that may be encountered through using these programs.

osukps one of the more basic keys per seconds you can get, it does a nice job of keeping it clean.
KeysPerSecond Developed by osu! user Roan it’s a vastly more complex KPS program allowing for things such as Graphs to be shown.
osu!StreamCompanion Developed by osu! user Piotrekol, this is a commonly used tool for fetching the current song title for displaying current playing songs on streams.
Real Time PP Displayer Developed by osu! user DarkProjector, has the more widely seen PP counter showing up on YouTube videos and Twitch streams! Developed by osu! user oliebol, generates a picture showing a certain score and gives you a shareable link that never expires!